What We Do

We provide a full range of consulting services, to support you in the cycle of positive change, from start to finish. Our consulting activities include:

  • Identification of your change agenda
  • Formation of a change leadership team
  • Inquiry into strengths and best practices
  • High engagement visioning of the future
  • Articulation of organizational principles
  • Development of appreciative leadership capacities
  • Design of high commitment, high performance teams
  • Redesign of HR, management and business processes
  • Ongoing recognition and communication of success

We work with whole organizations and communities, departments, functions, and teams as well as with individual leaders at all levels. We design and facilitate interactive, strength-based meetings, public participation processes, and team ‘advances.’

As thought leaders in the field of Appreciative Inquiry we present inspiring keynote speeches that open the door for change among people, teams and organizations.  We regularly speak at National and International Conferences, bringing our message of positive possibility and appreciative, enlivening ways of working to healthcare providers, educators and service providers, as well as religious, interfaith, government and business leaders.

Learning is one of the most enlivening and motivating of all human activities. Inquiry, learning and change are simultaneous processes. We design and facilitate workshops to help you create a culture of inquiry and learning in support of high performance and innovation.

Change of any scope or manner – even positive change – requires that people in all positions, especially leadership, shift their ways of working and doing business. We guide clients through the cycle positive change and transformation with one on one coaching and shadow consulting.

Our clients’ success is the best and most satisfying measure of our success.